The 4 Most Common Types of 3D Lighting [Infographic]

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


Most people think 3D Lighting is just clicking the “Create Light” button in your 3D software packages and putting the light source in your scene.

But each scene has a situation of its own. For example, techniques that work well in an indoor environment are usually not suited for an outdoor shot.

And that’s why you need to adjust your lighting techniques for every situation.

Now you’re probably wondering:

“What kind of light should I used?”

The best answer is to experiment with different types of light by yourself. And use various light types together to achieve the desired effect.

It takes some time, but you'll find the right one by exploring the effects it has on your 3D scene.

Before you start anything, let’s get the basics first. You need to understand how different lights behave and which work well for certain scenes.

To understand the four standard lighting options available in most 3D software packages, check out the infographic below, and feel free to share it on Pinterest!

3D Lighting Techniques, Lighting in 3D Scene

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