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About This Course

       Whether you're an interior designer or architect, the ability to produce a hyper-realistic architectural visualisation is crucial when it comes to showcasing your creativity and technical knowledge. Creating a photorealistic render, however, goes beyond just knowing the basics about rendering and lighting.

       Even armed with a great portfolio, it can still be difficult to produce cutting-edge work if you don't know how to deal with your clients' requests. After this training, you'll be able to differentiate yourself to beat competition, standing out from the rest as a reliable and professional designer. You'll not only learn to create amazing work but also how to effectively meet your clients' needs.

What You'll Achieve

● Create different moods on the same image
● Understand the reasons to efficiently manage your PSD
● Enhance image by using different types of passes
● Learn post-editing workflow for Interior & Exterior
● Master numerous tools and features on Photoshop
● Grasp Tips & Tricks to hit your clients' requests

How You'll Learn

Real-World Projects

Create real-world projects that reflect professionalism and expertise, and get portfolio-ready results.




Supported Journey

Supportive instructors and rigorous project reviews will help you overcome learning challenges.

Personalized attention

A small class setting ensures that you receive close attention from the instructor while enjoying interactions with your classmates.

Course Topic

Class 1

5 Hours

  • Compositing different mood results with only one rendering

  • Production way of managing PSD file and producing an output of professional quality

Class 2

5 Hours

  • In-depth learning of photorealistic interior compositing and creating moods incorporate visualisation

  • Studying 3D passes for compositing, exploring relevant materials, and making observations about the principles of light

Class 3

5 Hours

  • Post-editing workflow for natural exterior landscape

  • Learning useful and quick PSD tool features

Class 4

5 Hours

  • Learn complete night environment compositing, from an idea to a final masterpiece

  • Successful tips to effectively meet clients' requests

Class 5

5 Hours

Project On Class: Producing your own compositing


After learning all the relevant techniques in class, students need to produce their own compositing before the end of the class.

At the end of the class, you will have to finish your own image. Your instructor will offer feedback on your project so that you can improve it after the training session. The Final Project will form the start of your portfolio.

An Attendance Certificate or Distinction Certificate will be given to you based on your performance in Project On Class.

What Are The Requirements

  • Software required: Photoshop CC

  • Computer will be prepared in class (We suggest that students bring their own laptops)

Who Is This Course For

  • Experienced Photoshop user who want to take productive workflow

  • Who want to create photorealistic interior/exterior images with industry workflow

Get Started Now

Photoshop for Arch Viz Course

RM 3,200

  • 25 hours of training

  • Hands-on assignments

  • Real-world project reviewed by industry experts

  • Roundtable discussion

  • Extra material 

  • Certificate of Completion

  • 1-month post-training support

What's included​

Frequently asked questions

Quem pode fazer os cursos?

Todos! Nossos cursos visam a democratização da educação e da ciência. Sendo assim, todos são bem vindos!

Sou estudante acadêmico: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Estes cursos são muito recomendados para quem é das áreas: - Biologia - Veterinária - Engenharia ambiental - Oceanografia - Qualquer outra área conectada à ambiental Além disso, você poderá usar os certificados para comprovar horas complementares e também como provar sua capacitação na área.

Sou estudante do Ensino Médio: estes cursos são recomendados para mim?

Sim! Alunos do ensino médio são muito bem vindos! Aqui você terá acesso aos conteúdos similares aos cursos de Graduação em Biologia. Os conteúdos aqui abordados também são muito frequentes em provas do Enem e em vestibulares.

Quanto tempo duram os cursos?

Cada curso tem a carga horária total de 24h. Realizados durante um final de semana (sábado e domingo).

Sou estudante de outra área: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Nossos cursos visam a democratização da educação e da ciência. Estes cursos são muito recomendados para qualquer pessoa que tenha interesse na área ambiental marinha.

Estes cursos possuem certificados válidos?

Sim! Os cursos possuem certificado válido de conclusão de 24h, emitido pelo Instituto de Biologia Marinha Bióicos, assinado pelo Prof. Dr. Douglas Peiró, Diretor Geral.

Onde são os cursos?

Os cursos acontecem na nossa Base: A casa na montanha, Bairro Saco da Ribeira/Praia do Lázaro, Cidade de Ubatuba, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil.

We are a Kuala Lumpur-based training centre specialising in 3D rendering. Our programmes covering 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Photoshop are time-efficient and work-based. They are specially tailored for professionals seeking to grow their career and business in the interior design industry.

These courses were designed based on market needs; our expertise is derived from our many years of experience in dealing with clients. With highly experienced instructors and mentors who are working with top studios and companies, Lightfeel Training is able to continuously update its modules to keep abreast of developments and stay ahead of the curve.

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