Distributed and Network Rendering Course 

About This Course

       In a fast-moving industry where you are often faced with tight deadlines, time management is of the essence to remain competitive. Managing multiple projects simultaneously can be highly challenging.

       This course teaches you how to standardise all the pieces of software in your company, a process that should result in fewer issues when artists share their files with each other. You can fully utilise your current workspace to yield maximum productivity. This course that's focused on computer power management, will also train you to efficiently manage multiple projects so that you will always deliver results on time.

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What You'll Achieve

  • Understand how to create an internal High-Performance Computing

  • Learn the fundamentals in computer networking

  • Have a better understanding of network rendering

  • Learn troubleshooting

How You'll Learn

Real-World Projects

Create real-world projects that reflect professionalism and expertise, and get portfolio-ready results.


Supported Journey

Supportive instructors and rigorous project reviews will help you overcome learning challenges.

Personalised Attention

A small class setting ensures that you receive close attention from the instructor while enjoying interactions with your classmates.

Course Topic

Class 1

3 Hours

  • Visit your company or workspace and combine your workstation elements onsite

  • After putting your workstation together, you will learn to use the machine power

PLUS 1 month of Q&A support to ensure successful use of knowledge

What Are The Requirements

  • Minimum 2 PCs in your current workspace

  • Same 3dsMax & V-Ray software version

  • Same Windows version (recommended)

Who Is This Course For

  • Technical people who are keen to combine all their work PCs together to create High-Performance Computing.

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questions? We'll put you on the right path

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Frequently asked questions

What is Lightfeel Way? Why should I choose Lightfeel Training?

Lightfeel Way a time-efficient and work-based training approach. Our courses are created by Lightfeel Studio’s top talent. We’re here to help you accelerate learning journeys, where you can learn efficient workflows and best practices to apply right away. Those practices are geared to the real-world needs in 3D industry.

What are the class schedules like?

Our weekend classes typically start from 9am and go up to 6pm. Class schedules depend on demand and teacher availability. Feel free to contact us to find out the latest class availability.

What is the maximum size per class?

Lightfeel Training offers small class (usally 3-5 person/class) and personalised attention. This results in more individual attention, participation and communication between instructor and students.

Do you offer any certificates upon completing the courses?

You will receive the Attendance Certification based on the course you attended. The certificate will only be given only based on full attendence and the completion of projects given in the class. Some courses will offer Distinction Certificate based on your performance on final project.

Do you offer discount or coupon?

We do offer discount for group registration. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Can I still consult the instructors after the training?

We offer 1-month post training email support from Lightfeel experts. If you have any problem or inquiry after the training, our instructors are most willing to assist you. Feel free to exchange your emails with the instructors to get in touch with them.

How do I apply for the training course?

You may register via our registration form. After registering, you will received a quotation based on the course you select by email within 1 working days. Once you review the quotation and information thoroughly, you can make the payment via cheque/ bank-in/ online transfer. After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and start your training at the date stated in the email.

Does Lightfeel Training offer corporate training?

Yes, we do offer training to companies with 3 or more participants. Your company will receive a customized training program according to your needs. Please visit here for more information.