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Take your 3D rendering skills to the next level with quick, practical courses from Lightfeel Training.
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Industry-Ready Courses

Learn the 3D rendering skills that will advance your career


3ds Max Fundamental

Learn the fundamentals to create a realistic 3D interior rendering. 

6 Hours


3ds Max Advanced

Advance your rendering to achieve a photorealistic render in much shorter time.

30 Hours


Photoshop for Arch Viz

Impress your clients with a stunning portfolio to stand out from the competition.

30 Hours

Why Lightfeel Training?

Learn 3D rendering through a project-based training approach

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Actionable Practices

Learn to implement actionable workflows and best practices as soon as the course begins. These practices are geared to real-world needs in the interior design industry.

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Real-World Projects

Using real-world projects designed by industry experts, you'll learn to build a job-ready portfolio that showcases the kind of rendering skills companies would want.


Personalised Feedback

Share your project and see what went wrong. You'll receive personalised attention and constructive feedback in a small class setting. 

About us

We help you to become a better interior designer

Our track record as a 3D rendering training centre in Kuala Lumpur speaks for itself. 

The mission of Lightfeel Training is to help designers reach their full potential.

We create intensive training that will allow you to achieve remarkable results quickly and easily. By learning how to create high-quality projects, our students will enhance their work performance and see increased productivity.

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Students Work

A Word from Our Students 

" I learned some easier steps to create model renderings."

Previously I would waste a lot of time when building something as simple as a chair. This training showed me the shortcut to take in order to complete a model within a short time. I learned some easier steps to create model renderings.

- Anna Ho

  Design Spirits Pte Ltd

"Get me ready for real work"

I learned the entire process of creating fine-quality architectural visualisation and interior renders during my internship in Lightfeel.


I only had basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics initially but the Lightfeel professionals were extremely patient while teaching me every aspect of the workflow.


I am excited and grateful that the knowledge I have gained here is able to help me meet industry standards.

- Shally Yap

  University Malaysia Pahang

" I work more efficiently now."

Nobody would ever think that 3D skills are useful for a graphic designer. The reality is the graphic design market trend has been moving towards 3D-looking visuals, and that was what motivated me to pick up 3D skills at Lightfeel.


The knowledge I have gained and the skills I have learned, although at a basic level, have improved my speed in producing work. I can now attract a bigger variety of customers and I work more efficiently now that I know how to combine 2D and 3D together.

- Joyee

Freelance Graphic Artist

“Instructors are professionals that understand industry challenges.”

Individual and extensive training content. Specially designed, all-round and interactive short courses that precisely meet market demands. The instructors are working professionals that understand industry challenges.


Would highly recommend this to
organisations and individuals who seek to improve their productivity as well as their quality of work.

- Mark Lim

MDS Interiors

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Whether you're getting your first job, changing career or you'd like to upgrade your 3D rendering skills,

we're here to help.